Benefits of working with SpaceY

What working with us will be like

  • Our services will cost you 2 to 4 times less depending on the region
  • No need for additional workplace
  • No need for HR to manage employees
  • No accounting expenses
  • No need for additional office space
  • We will take over dealing with taxes and salary deductions

To develop a software product, you will need business analysts, developers, QAs, designers, etc. We can take care of all your needs by providing you with an entire team that will work on your software from start to finish. In addition, we can provide various non-IT specialists if necessary. Our company will also save you from wasting your time on managing and controlling the work process. As such, it will be easier to deal with pressure and competition and you will be able to enter the market faster.

5 reasons to work with us

Price-quality ratio

Education in Belarus is of the highest level, but salaries in the IT industry are much lower than in the US. We will provide you with IT specialists with the necessary level of professional skills at an appropriate price.

It’s not just IT

We offer a variety of non-IT services ranging from accounting and administrative tasks to sales management. We only pick non-IT employees with a great level of language proficiency. As part of our hiring process, they go through a multi-sta ge testing with native speakers.

Quality assurance

We are confident in the quality of our work. However, we always listen to our clients, and if the product does not meet the pre-agreed criteria, we are ready to give you a refund. We also work on a ‘payment upon completion’ basis with some of our loyal customers.

Your time zone + Our manager

To facilitate the communication, our employees will work according to your working hours if necessary. In addition, a supervisor will be assigned to each employee to help solve any questions that arise in the course of work.

Convinience of payments

We offer many payment methods and works with a large number of payment systems. We have financial partners all around the world. You can work with us from anywhere in the world.